More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern

I used to make a lot of copper foil stained glass but it’s rather tedious, toxic, and requires a dedicated work area unless you want glass shards all over your house.  On one of my journeys to the craft store I bought a ton of this Gallery Glass stuff which is just a liquid thatContinue reading “More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern”

Getting crafty for Halloween – Floral arrangement thingy

I’m gunna post at least 3 different craft-type things I’ve had fun making in these days leading up to Halloween. The first was the easiest to make but was super fun and I’ll keep it up year-round cuz I love the way it looks. I have been going to Michael’s craft store a lot lately,Continue reading “Getting crafty for Halloween – Floral arrangement thingy”

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