My creepy “Graveyard Girl from the Dream City” painting

OK, here is another one of my own dark ‘n creepy paintings, I just finished it…it’s an undead-ish girl that dwells in a darkly beautiful graveyard on the edge of a shadowy dream-city. Click the image to be whisked away to my painting site. You can then click the image there for a bigger version.Continue reading “My creepy “Graveyard Girl from the Dream City” painting”

Laurie Lipton’s amazing drawings

Laurie Lipton is one of those artists that amazes me, but also causes confusion — how can any human make such crazily complex and detailed drawings? The copious quantity as well as incredible quality causes me considerable quandaries. Check out her stuff via the links below; I particularly like “Haunted Doll’s House” and “The DeadContinue reading “Laurie Lipton’s amazing drawings”

More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern

I used to make a lot of copper foil stained glass but it’s rather tedious, toxic, and requires a dedicated work area unless you want glass shards all over your house.  On one of my journeys to the craft store I bought a ton of this Gallery Glass stuff which is just a liquid thatContinue reading “More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern”

Noche De Los Muertos art show

Throughout the month of October there is a great show here in Santa Barbara with Day of the Dead and Halloween art. It’s called Noche De Los Muertos and it’s at the Muddy Waters Cafe: Noche De Los Muertos Muddy Waters Cafe 508 E. Haley St., Santa Barbara, California (805) 966-9328 The reception for theContinue reading “Noche De Los Muertos art show”

Zdzislaw Beksinski

I don’t think art gets much darker than that of Zdzislaw Beksinski without being gratuitous…his art seems honest and real, and can be quite disturbing. I’ve seen his stuff around before on album covers and such, but didn’t know his name until recently, so I have only just started exploring his incredible works. I thinkContinue reading “Zdzislaw Beksinski”

The Well – A dark and creepy Lovecraft-inspired song

Dreams of darkness calling, falling through the stars…Lovecraftian, I reckon. This, my friends, is a spooky song called The Well. Inspired by Bauhaus, Lovecraft, Tiamat, Danielle Dax, 45 Grave, and Oingo Boingo 🙂 Link: The Well (MP3) Yes, this song just so happens to be written and performed by yours truly. I did the paintingContinue reading “The Well – A dark and creepy Lovecraft-inspired song”

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