Salem and Providence Halloween pictures

I was in Salem and Providence last year right before Halloween. I wanted to experience some crisp fall weather and get into a good Halloween spirit 🙂 In Providence I did this cool HP Lovecraft walking tour and got to visit a graveyard where both Poe and Lovecraft had hung out. Overall I had aContinue reading “Salem and Providence Halloween pictures”

More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern

I used to make a lot of copper foil stained glass but it’s rather tedious, toxic, and requires a dedicated work area unless you want glass shards all over your house.  On one of my journeys to the craft store I bought a ton of this Gallery Glass stuff which is just a liquid thatContinue reading “More Halloween crafts: Stained glass spiderweb and Jack O’ Lantern”

Getting crafty for Halloween – Floral arrangement thingy

I’m gunna post at least 3 different craft-type things I’ve had fun making in these days leading up to Halloween. The first was the easiest to make but was super fun and I’ll keep it up year-round cuz I love the way it looks. I have been going to Michael’s craft store a lot lately,Continue reading “Getting crafty for Halloween – Floral arrangement thingy”

Favorite Halloween songs

I’ve been thinking about my favorite Halloween-mood-inducing songs…I like to listen to them while I’m driving around to buy Halloween stuff and whilst painting spooky graveyard scenes and carving creepy pumpkins by candlelight in the dead of night. These don’t all have Halloween themes but I think they set the right kind of spooky HalloweenContinue reading “Favorite Halloween songs”

Noche De Los Muertos art show

Throughout the month of October there is a great show here in Santa Barbara with Day of the Dead and Halloween art. It’s called Noche De Los Muertos and it’s at the Muddy Waters Cafe: Noche De Los Muertos Muddy Waters Cafe 508 E. Haley St., Santa Barbara, California (805) 966-9328 The reception for theContinue reading “Noche De Los Muertos art show”

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